Frequently asked questions. Don’t see your answer ? Ask here !

Do I need website hosting ?

No. ClassTracker is located on our managed servers, so you never need to maintain or upgrade any website or hosting server. ClassTracker is not integrated or migrate to a website, but simply linked to our servers by a unique, easy to remember link e.g. https://agricultural-show.com/myshow.

Do I need a website ?

No. Because you have a unique link that is hosted on our servers you can send your competitors directly to that URL and start taking entries without having a website. It is also possible to build a website on our system that is integrated with the show management system. The website costs extra to build but is included in your renewal fee the next year.

Can I re-use entries from the previous year ?

Yes. You can reuse old entries. This is helpful for show coordinators who need to manually input the same entries each year.

How do I re-number competitions ?

You can drag and drop competitions into any order and re-number your entire schedule. You can also move sections (categories) up and down to re-number the entire section. You have the option to start numbering each section at 1 or you can start at 1 and continue counting through all sections.

What PDFs can I generate ?

Can you manage my show online for me ?

Yes. Our “Support Plus” package does precisely that. We offer on-show-day support, but leading up to that we will manage the online entries, build your schedule, generate your PDFs, submit manual entries and any other necessary support relating to the operation of the ClassTracker system.

What can you customise ?

Everything. We understand that each show is different and has it’s own systems of operation and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to show management. That’s why on SETUP we offer you the option to customise, entry forms
Prefix Class Numbers, Custom Exhibit numbering, Custom Class Numbering and Custom PDF layouts. If you have something to add in here please “ask” below.